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Key for reading special characters:

ā = aa

ī = ee

ū = oo
c = ch
ñ = as in Spanish (niño)

and ¹ = sh



Akhanda - continuous, indivisible, uninterrupted, without any gap

Allāh - Almighty, God (by Muslims)

Ambā - Divine Mother

Ambe - O, Divine Mother!

Ānanda - bliss, joy, genuine and lasting joy

Antar - internal

Antaryāmi(n) - the inner motivator, the inner director

Ātma(n) - self, the real self; the spark of God; one's innermost reality


(Hindi) - to drum, make noise, reverberate
Baje - reverberates
Bhaj - to serve , honour , revere , love

Bhaje - worship

Bhajo(Re) - let's worship, let's sing in the praise of God

Bhavānī - goddess, Divine Mother; name for Pārvatī in her friendly aspect,

Bholā - (Hindi) simple, without guilt

Bholā Nāth - (Hindi) protector of the virtuous; name for Shiva
Buddhi - intellect, intelligence; wakefulness
Buddha - awake, enlightened


Dam Dam - sound of small drum damaru

Damaru - Shiva's small drum

Dāya - gift, present, charity

Dāyaka - giver

Dhāma - dwelling-place, house, abode, domain (esp. seat of the gods; site of the sacred fire and the Soma; favourite residence)

Dharma - (dhri - hold, bear, carry; wear; support), that what holds, carries, supports the world (universe); established order, usage, institution, custom, prescription; rule; duty; virtue, morality, religion, religious merit, good works; duty, right, justice (often as a synonym of punishment), law usage; that which is established or firm, steadfast decree, statute, ordinance practice, customary observance or prescribed conduct 


Gajavadana - elephant faced, name for Ganesha

Gana - group, troop; followers; troop of demigods serving to Lord Shiva

Gananātha - leader of the ganas; lord of the ganas

Gaurīa - the Golden One, the Shining One; name for Divine Mother Pārvatī

Ghana - full, compact, solid, material, hard, firm, dense; coarse; dark; deep (as sound; colour); cloud; ringing of the bell (ghanta)

Ghana¶yāma - dark as a cloud, Krishna

Ghanta - bell

Giri - mountain, hill, rock, elevation, rising-ground (often connected with "a mountain having many parts"

Giridhāra - holder of the mountain; Krishna

Go - cow, cattle; the senses

Gopāla - protector (pāla) of cattle (of souls), cowherd; Krishna

Govinda - finder (vinda) of cattle (of souls), cowherd; Krishna

Guna - a single thread or strand of a cord or twine; string or thread; a quality, peculiarity, attribute or property; good quality, virtue, merit, excellence; an attribute of the 5 elements (each of which has its own peculiar quality or qualities as well as organ of sense; thus 1. ether has shabda, or sound for its guna and the ear for its organ; 2. the air has tangibility and sound for its gunas and the skin for its organ; 3. fire or light has shape or colour, tangibility, and sound for its gunas, and the eye for its organs; 4. water has flavour, shape, tangibility, and sound for its gunas, and the tongue for its organ; 5. earth has the preceding gunas, with the addition of its own peculiar guna of smell , and the nose for its organ); (in Samkhya phil.) an ingredient or constituent of prakriti, chief quality of all existing beings (viz. sattva , rajas, and tamas i.e. goodness, passion, and darkness, or virtue, foulness, and ignorance)

Gunālaya - abode of good qualities; one endowed with all virtues

Guru - preceptor, teacher, guide to spiritual liberation; the one who removes ignorance; the one who destroys delusion; (also meaning) heavy, weighty; great, large, extended, long; (in prosody) long by nature or position; high in degree, vehement, violent, excessive, difficult, hard; important, serious, momentous; valuable, highly prized; haughty, proud (speech), venerable, respectable, any venerable or respectable person (father, mother, or any relative older than one's self); a spiritual parent or preceptor (from whom a youth receives the initiatory mantra or prayer, who instructs him in the sastras and conducts the necessary ceremonies up to that of investiture which is performed by the acarya)


Hara - bearing, wearing, taking, conveying, bringing; taking away, carrying off, removing, destroying, ravishing, captivating; "Seizer ", "Destroyer", name of Siva

Hare - o Lord! (Hari)

Hari - to be yellow or green; fawn-coloured, reddish brown, brown, tawny, pale yellow, yellow, fallow, bay (esp. applied to horses), green, greenish; name of Vishnu-Krishna (the Lord whose colour is blue (vastness or infinity) but takes shape in matter whose colour is yellow or hari. This is why Krishna always is wearing yellow dress.)

Harihara - Vishnu and Shiva in one form

He - (hey) o!; ind. a vocative particle ("oh!" "ho!" etc.)


Ī¶vara - the Lord; Master; God; the Almighty; the Creator; Heavenly Father; (also meaning) soundless, noiseless - the quiet witness (ātman)


Jagat - the moving, changing, transitory, untrue world; the world, universe, creation, all created; (also meaning) moving, movable, locomotive, living; that which moves or is alive; people, mankind

Jagadoddhārana - earth-protector; saviour of the world

Jai - victorious, triumphant, superior; leading to victory; victory to you!

Jaya - conquering, winning; conquest, victory, triumph, winning, being victorious (in battle or in playing with dice or in a lawsuit); victory over or restraint of the senses

Jānakī - Sītā

Jīvana - life; vivifying, giving life, enlivening; a living being

Jyoti - light, a radiant flame


Kaivalya - liberation, heaven; liberation from the bondage caused by five elements; isolation; absolute unity; perfect isolation, abstraction, detachment from all other connections, detachment of the soul from matter or further transmigration, beatitude; leading to eternal happiness or emancipation

Kamala - the lotus flower

Ke - (Hindi) of (Nanda Ke Lāla - the child of Nanda)

Ke¶ava - the one with beautiful log hair; Krishna

Komala - tender, soft, bland, sweet, pleasing, charming, agreeable

Kri¹na - black, dark, dark blue; 8th avatār of Lord Vishnu

Kula - a race, family, community, tribe, caste, set, company; the caste of the Brahmans; a noble or eminent family or race; a house, abode; the residence of a family, seat of a community, inhabited country


Lala - sporting, playful; lolling, wagging; child


Ma - me (base of the 1st pers. pron. in acc. sg. mām or mā ; gen. mama or me)

Mā, Mātā - mother

Mādhava - sweet, sweet like honey; relating to spring; belonging or peculiar to the descendants of Madhu i.e. the Yadavas; Krishna

Madhura - sweet, pleasant, charming, delightful

Mama - my

Mana, Manas - mind (in its widest sense as applied to all the mental powers); internal organ; intellect, intelligence, understanding; soul, heart; conscience; thought; conception; imagination; cogitation, reflexion; inclination, desire, will; mood, disposition; in the philosophical systems manas is always regarded as distinct from soul (ātman) of which it is only the instrument, and is considered perishable.

Mandana - decorating, adorning; being an ornament to = dwelling in or ruling (a city or country); adornment, ornament

Mangalya - portending good fortune, auspicious; auspicious object, amulet; benediction;

Manohara - captivating the mind, fascinating, attractive; charming, beautiful

Mathurā - city on the bank of Yamuna river; birthplace of Krishna

Muralī - Krishna's flute


Nām(a) - name

Namah - bowing, adoring, reverential salutation

Namo - doing obeisance

Nānaka - guru Nānak, the founder of Sikhism

Nanda - Krishna's stepfather; happiness, joy; son

Nara - man; husband; hero; the primordial Man, Spirit

Nārāyana - the One who is resting (¶ayana) in man (nara) and in all beings; God as Divine spark in all; Vishnu

Nātha - protector, guardian, ruler, lord, possessor; husband

Nayana - bringing, conducting, leading; eye (guiding organ)

Nayanābhirām(a) - the one who is delighting, rejoicing the eyes

Nivāsa - clothing; clothed with; staying, passing the night, sojourn; quarters, abode, residence

Nivāsi(n) - clothed with; dwelling in, living with; inhabitant, resident


Om - the pranava, the original sound; the sound of brahman; the sound of creation


Parama - the highest, super, beyond, above, more glorious than all

Paramātma(n) - absolute, the highest ātman, the over-soul, the universal soul, God

Parti - Puttaparthi

Partipurī - the town of Puttaparthi

Partipurī¶a - the Lord (ī¶a=Ī¶vara) from Partipurī (the town of Puttaparthi)

Pāvana - purifying, sanctifying; pure, holy; purification, sanctification; means of purifying

Pradāyaka - giving, bestowing, granting, imparting

Pradāyin - causing, producing

Priya - dear, beloved; favourite, cherished; pleasing, agreeable

Pura - castle, fortified city; town

Purī - citadel, city, town


Rādhā, Rādhe - the greatest devotee of Krishna; Krishna's feminine principle

Rāghava - descendant of Raghu

Raghu - dynasty in which Rāma was born

Raghupati - the lord of Raghu dynasty

Rājana - belonging to royal family

Rām, Rāma - dark-coloured, black; pleasing, delightful, charming, lovely

Re - exclamation


Sadguru (sat-guru) - the true, enlightened teacher

Sāī (sa-ayī) - Swami says sa means 'all' and ayi means 'mother', so Sāī means the supreme mother of all

Sarva - all; every

Sarvāntaryāmi(n) - the inner motivator, present everywhere at all times

Siddhi - accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, complete attainment, success

Sītā - furrow; personified as Rama's wife

Sundara - beautiful, lovely, handsome


¦ambho - O, ¦ambhu!

¦ambhu(o) - the one who bestows good; ¦iva

¦ankara - causing prosperity, beneficent; ¦iva

¦irdī - town in Maharashtra state, North India

¦iva - kind, friendly, gracious; pleasant, auspicious, prosperous, happy; the Auspicious One

¦ivāya - to ¦iva

¦ubha - splendid, beautiful, handsome; pleasant, agreeable; auspicious, lucky; good, virtuous, pure; welfare, prosperity, good fortune, happiness

¦yāmala - dark-coloured


Tanaya - son


Vara - choicest, most excellent or beautiful among; better, more excellent than

Vidyā - knowledge, learning, science

Vidyā dāyaka - the one imparting knowledge

Vināyaka (vi-nāyaka) - leader, guide; Gane¶a

Vitthala - Krishna on the brick


Zorā¹tra - Zoroaster, Zaratustra; founder of Zoroastrianism, Parsian religion


Ye¶ū = Ī¶ū = Īsā - Jesus