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O Bhagavan

Sai Ram Bhajo Mana
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Sound of Heaven
Record Company for Bhajans and other Spiritual Music

Our aim

"It is impossible to describe the sweetness and sacredness of the Name of the Lord. The intensity of the devotion with which you chant the name of the Lord will yield commensurate benefit and confer joy on you. All should strive to chant the Names in unison. Today, all the five elements in the world - space, air, fire, water, earth - are polluted. One cannot get pure water or pure air. The sounds that you hear are impure. The earth is polluted. Kali Yuga (the age of conflicts) has become "Kalmasha yuga", the age of impurity. To purify all this the only means is chanting the Names of the Lord.

The recitation of the Names of the Lord will help to purify the atmosphere as a result of the sacred sound waves getting absorbed in the atmosphere. The power of sound waves is evident from the way radio waves are transmitted and received over long distances. The atmosphere that has been polluted by impure sound waves can be purified by the chanting of the Divine Name."

Sai Baba


So we are dedicated to produce Love Songs to God or BHAJANS
to purify the world - the earth, water, air, space
and minds, our poluted minds,
with the only means we have – BHAJANS, spiritual music for the heart & soul
to bring joy to your life... to our life... to everybodi's life...
and we hope to do it together with you

Harma & Cro Bhajan Group